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Sunday Meets

The Sunday Meets is a fortnightly get together of the members of the group in person. It is what we call the Heart of the GayBombay group. You too are invited to join us as we discuss about upcoming events or issues, share experiences or simply relax and synergize on a Sunday Evening....

What is a Sunday Meet?

Well, to put it simply, it is a get-together of sorts. It occurs on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month and on the 5th, if there happens to 5 Sundays that month. 

For the first few years we used to hold these “meets” at the MacDonald's on Linking Road, Bandra,  but now for the last couple of years we have been meeting at the restaurant "Just Round The Corner", also in Bandra (West). [We chose Bandra because it is centrally located; moreover, it is familiar.] But then the venue shifted to Just Around the Corner - at Bandra itself. The meet usually spans the duration of an hour [sometimes, the time period extends as people hang around to let any straggler or late-comer join in].

Our friends from the Central Suburbs have been finding it difficult to make it to the meets because it has been more than 1.5 hrs commute all the way to Bandra. so to make it easier for them we have decided to also meet in Central Suburb of Thane every couple of months. Here the meet venue is Mc Donalds Thane - Naupada Road, Near Thane Railway Station on the West side.

Then more often than not, after meeting up at the restaurant, the entire group shifts to someone’s home. This is done, firstly, because a large group of people cannot hang around in an eating establishment indefinitely – especially when the eating is done and finished with eons ago. Secondly, the atmosphere in someone’s home is more relaxed and less formal, thus allowing a more involved repartee.

A meet sometimes follows an agenda. Like a meet could be about one of the GB members, a qualified professional, talking about “safer sex”, depression, legal issues, AIDS, STDs etc. Sometimes, it doesn’t follow any agenda and topics that pertain to homosexuality, its challenges, its hopes, and its anxieties crop up, without a "by your leave". New-comers share their thoughts and doubts with the more experienced in the gay community and the latter share their own thoughts and try their best to assuage the qualms. Basically, there are healthy discussions.

Some of these meets are special meets, where we invite parents of gay men who are aware of their son's sexual orientation, to share their feelings and also to interact among themselves. At times we even have a couples' meet where long term gay couples are invited to share their experiences, trials and tribulations to lead a happy life with their lovers.

Who can attend this meet?

Absolutely, anybody.. who is on the list or who checks the website and is interested in knowing what Gaybombay is all about, comes to the meet. Some are curious to know about the group, some are brought by their friends and some come there because they have been a part of Gaybombay a long time and just need to meet their friends and to make a few more in the process.

When, Where and How?

Even though the meets are regularly held at almost the same venue, we advise you to check out the dates, venue and the timings before coming to the meet as these are usually different for the special meets, than those for the normal ones. You can find the link to the details of the upcoming meets either on the homepage or on our gb Calendar section on this website.

Some Dos and Don'ts

  • Drag is a strict no-no. For the simple reason that though Gaybombay doesn’t mind drag, the places that host us do.
  • Please do not come directly to the post meet venue (which is generally someone's home), even if you are completely familiar with it and even if you happen to know the owner of the home very well. You are advised to come directly at the venue, mentioned on the website or announced on the mailing list.
  • After visiting the post meet venue, no one is allowed to go back to that place unless invited specifically by the owner of the house.
  • We like to maintain Gaybombay as a comfort zone. This is a platform, which allows hesitant and often apprehensive gays to come and meet other gay people. As such, this platform has a strictly non-sexual framework. This group is not about porn, or orgies, or sex-talk, or escorts, or hook-ups.
You are welcome, to our Sunday Meets..

-- Rishabh
Uploaded on 24-Mar-03

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