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The Gay Bombay Mailing List

The GayBombay Mailing List is an online community of around 1800 members subscribed to it. So if you want to interact, express what you have to say, hear what others have to say and keep abreast of other Gay Bombay activities, subscribe to this exciting electronic community NOW!!


What is the GayBombay Mailing List?

The Gay Bombay Mailing list is one of the many interactive features of the GayBombay group, one of which the group is extremely proud of. It is the oldest interactive channel started way back in 1999 to establish an open and safe space in Cyberia where members subscribed to it could interact with other gay people. Today we have nearly 1500 (Yes!! One Thousand Five Hundred ) members subscribed to what is generally referred to as the lifeline of the Gay Bombay Group. You can check out the Archives of the Mailing List which are a rich resource of articles on gay related issues and opinions expressed by its members over the past years.

Who can use this channel?

Anyone having access to the Internet and who has an email account can subscribe to this channel.

How does one subscribe to the GayBombay Mailing List?

  • You need to have an email account to use this service. Since this service is hosted by Yahoo Groups, we recommend that you open a Yahoo account, that offers around 5MB of free email space.
  • You can also subscribe using a non-Yahoo email id to receive your emails.
  • The Yahoo account is however, absolutely necessary if you would like to check the postings to the mailing list on your web browser. If you have subscribed to the mailing list using a non-Yahoo id, you can open a Yahoo account and register your non-Yahoo id to it.
  • If you already have an email account you would like to receive emails into, just type your email address in the text box below.

There are various modes for accessing the mailing list. All modes have the option of checking the posted messages on the web through your web-browser. Select any one of the following modes of your choice.

  • The Individual Mail Mode -You receive each and every email separately throughout the day.
  • The Digest Mail Mode - You receive a consolidated single email per day containing all the messages posted throughout the day.
  • The No Mail Mode - You will not receive any emails however you still have the option of checking the messages from the GayBombay groups homepage.

If you however wish to discontinue being a member of GayBombay Mailing List, you can unsubscribe.

Some Dos and Don'ts

  • The GayBombay Mailing List is a moderated mailing list. Which means that messages posted on the mailing list are verified before being emailed to all the members. The moderaters of the mailing list have found this extremely necessary to prevent homophobic messages and messages with malign intentions from being distributed to the members. The decisions of the moderators in this matter shall be final and are not open to be challenged. However, we request you to kindly report any moderation that seems unfair by sending us a feedback.
  • Please do not spam or send the same messages repeatedly to the list. Your subscription is liable for cancellation for this act.
  • Please do not post personal classifieds here, use the GB classified section for this purpose. Your personal ads might be blocked from appearing on the list.
  • Please do not use abusive language, it only distorts the point you are trying to put across.
  • Please do not attempt to post pictures or send attachments with your emails. Attachments are disabled on this list.
  • The views and opinions expressed by on the list are those of the members that post them and are not necessarily indicative of vision, motto and philosophy of the group. The group does not take any responsibility of the views and opinions expressed by the member. But we request you to kindly report any untoward incident to us by giving us a feedback.
Come on! Join the Mob!!

-- gbWebbie
Uploaded on 08-Feb-2002

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