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GB Special Meet
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Event : GayBombay Sunday Meet. 

Date : Sunday, January 11, 2004

Time : The Meet begins at 5:00 p.m. and continues for half an hour at the restaurant. We then move on to another venue closeby at 5:30 pm.

Venue : We meet as usual at Just Around The Corner (JATC). 

Directions to the venue -
At Bandra station, on the WEST side, take a rickshaw to Turner Road; at Turner Road take a right at Tawaa Restaurant (you will see an ICICI Bank on your left after the turn). Keep going straight for
about two minutes; you will see the big blue signboard of 'JUST AROUND THE CORNER' on the left.

If you are however coming from Linking Road, take the very next left turn from the first petrol pump, leading to the Flying Machine Store.  On driving down the crossing of two lanes you shall see a
huge blue colored board with "JUST AROUND THE CORNER " written onto it.

You can also take a bus going down Turner Road (Khar Station bus or Chumm Village bus). Get off near Tawaa Restaurant and walk to JATC in 5 minutes.

About the Parents' Meet :

We really happy to confirm that Gaybombay's fourth Parents meeting will be taking place this Sunday. We have received confirmations from the families of several gays and lesbians that they will be attending so it promises to be another really interesting and moving occasion. The meet is taking place this Sunday evening at the house of one of the aunts of a GB member - she's a lady who has long been a really strong and welcome supporter of ours and we are very happy to be having the meet at her house. We are making arrangements for those kids coming with their families to go directly to the venue so if you are interested in coming with someone from your family, get in touch with Vikram at vgd67@yahoo.co.uk  directly.

Those who have taken part in past parents meets will attest to how really interesting and moving they are. They are really unique, not to be missed occasions so do try to attend - especially if you have parents, or other family members who might be interested in attending.

General guidelines for Gaybombay Parents Meet:

Who Can Attend: The meeting is open to gays, lesbians, bisexuals, whether in or out of the closet (of course those still in the closet, or out to just a few family members, can be confident that the confidentiality of them and their family will be respected), and to any of their family members who will be willing to attend. So its not just parents: sisters, brothers, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, are all welcome. There have been suggestions to include close friends, and we guess we could consider it. But personally, we do think there's a distinction between friends and family, and in this meeting we should focus on the latter.

Parents of Kids Abroad: Kids who are abroad have occasionally asked us if their parents can come even if they are not there. Obviously, it's ideal if both parents and children are there together, but if the parents are willing to come by themselves, we are very happy to have them, and will do whatever is necessary to help them come.

Positive and Negative Views: We are not putting any expectations on the views or opinions of the relatives. In other words, we're not expecting only those with right-on, warm and supportive views to attend. What we want is a dialogue, and all that we ask for that is the willingness to talk and to listen. And we will promise the same in return. So every if you feel your relatives views may not be pleasant or what the group wants to hear, we would still welcome them and urge that they come.

Despite that last point, we think you can be sure it will be a friendly and non-threatening place. Since I realise that relatives may have apprehensions about attending such a group, please assure them that we are almost boringly respectable! It will really be a nice tea party and discussions, with perhaps just a few more cute guys and girls than the average kitty party!


Note :
1. Ensure that you get to JATC before 5:30:00 pm - in case the evening carries over to another gay-friendly place close by.

2. GB as a support group, has created this comfort/safe space for gays, many of whom may be "newbies" (those still coming to terms with their sexuality and who have mustered courage to come for such a meeting for the first time). So we request you to be sensitive to the comfort levels of others attending the meeting and behave and dress accordingly. 

3. To identify the group, look out for someone wearing a BLACK cap.

Please Check the website a couple of days before the event to confirm details

--S & M
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