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The GayBombay Goes Kite Flying
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Date: Sunday, January 18, 2004

Time: 4:30PM - 5:00PM IST (GMT+05:30)

Venue : Juhu beach. We'll assemble near the Shivaji
Statue outside the Ramada Palm Grove Hotel between 4.30-5.00 pm and anyone who comes later can just
come down to the beach and look for a bunch of cool
guys with pink kites!

What to bring: there's obviously no cost for this
meet, and we will be buying a certain number of kites. But you're welcome to bring your own kites and even more important, your manja (the kite flying thread). Just try to make sure the kites are pink!

For those who want more explanation:
Its January and in Gujarat and Maharashtra that means just one thing: its time to start flying kites again!

At this time of the year the breezes are strong and the weather is pleasant enough for people to spend all day flying kites from their rooftops. Go to Bhuleshwar, one of the older districts in Bombay on Sunday, and you'll find the streets full of kite shops below and the skies full of kites overhead.

In particular people fly kites on Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra and Utraan in Gujarat. It symbolises the begining of the Sun's journey towards the northern hemisphere. This year Makar Sankranti falls on the 15th of January and for the third time, Gaybombay will be celebrating it by flying kites on the following Sunday, which is two days later. Like last year we plan to land up at Juhu beach and spend the late afternoon flying kites - all coloured bright pink, of course!

Everyone who came last year can tell you what a blast we had, especially after we finished flying the kites, we looked for other means to have fun on Juhu beach.

As with all GB events we are happy to welcome friends and well-wishers, and look forward to their continue support this year too. More specifically we look forward once again to another kite flying match with our lesbian friends.

Kite flying is a delicate thing, its all about skill at handling the wind, knowing how to play the manja (the thread), when to let it go slack and then pull abruptly. We have some pretty good kite flyers among us. So its going to be an interesting contest and we hope lots of people will attend.

See you there!


Note :
1. GB as a support group, has created this comfort/safe space for gays, many of whom may be "newbies" (those still coming to terms with their sexuality and who have mustered courage to come for such a meeting for the first time). So we request you to be sensitive to the comfort levels of others attending the meeting and behave and dress accordingly. 

2. To identify the group, look out for someone wearing a BLACK cap.

Please Check the website a couple of days before the event to confirm details

--S & M
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